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Game of thrones episodes

Game of thrones has been making waves all around the world since the past 4-5 years, when it first came critics were all over the internet, commenting over its excessive violence and nudity, but the show got popular and people form all around the world just got into it for countries where the show didn’t premiere on the same day, people used torrents, online websites and what not.

The history of episodes
George R.R Martin did an exceptional piece of work in writing these books, making a storyline worth a billion USD, he even created a map which had all the exactly located, what a work of fiction you create a character you make your audience fall in love with him and than you kill it.
Game of thrones has featured 5 seasons till date, having 10 episodes each. Just 10 episodes make a complete a year worth, the first season that started with the starks, showed all the good characters and in the first season itself, then killed whom we loved the most which was Ned Stark in the last episodes.
You can find all the episode on various websites all over the internet, the 50 episodes rolled out this far are breathtaking and almost half of our once favorite characters are dead, still there’s hope for the few of them left and we wish George doesn’t kill them.

A brief storyline: what happened in the past 50 episodes?

Lets just discuss everything in as short terms as possible, in the first 10 episodes we mostly see the fall of the stark family, things turn really bad after Ned Stark goes to king’s landing, Cersei with her clever plots and in order to save herself from embarrassment gets Ned killed, Robert baratheon dies too and Cersei’s son Joffrey is named the king (a pathetic person), in the next 10 you see Sansa Stark suffering, Jon snow sent to the wall and Arya hiding from place to place, Tyrion falling in love and Danerys finally getting the dragons out. From season 3 battles kind of come in, Jofferey dies, Danerys starts capturing cities, the stark family falls apart, white walkers finally arrive and a inner war between the lannister family turns up.. Robb Stark starts conquering cities in order to form a bigger alliance and take down king’s landing but faces betrayal and killed. Jon adds wildlings to form a bigger army to fight against “the upcoming winter”.

In today’s standing Jon is dead, Arya is blind, Sanasa is on the run, Cersei is seeking revenge, Danerys is captured, tyrion is saving the city of meeren. The key characters who died are Ned Stark, Tywin Lannister, Jon Snow, Robb Stark, Lady caitlyn, the hound, Jofferey, Khal drogo, Aemon , Stannis baratheon and many more, but these are some of the characters that greatly influenced all the episodes.
We are as eager as you to see the new season coming out, let’s just hope Snow prevails.